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Our freshly prepared dinners include tossed salad, freshly baked rolls and butter, coffee.

Choose two entrees, one side, and one vegetable $14.95 per person

(Add additional entree' or sides for additional charge).



Chicken Entrees

Oven Fried Chicken – Assortment of breaded chicken, oven fried and delightful.

B.B.Q. Chicken – Chicken quarters smothered and baked with B.B.Q. sauce.

Alfredo Chicken – Boneless chicken breasts topped with a rich parmesan Alfredo sauce.

Parmesan Ranch Chicken – Boneless chicken breast smothered in a creamy ranch sauce, Italian seasoning and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Most requested.

Baked Chicken & Stuffing – Boneless chicken breast, topped with Swiss cheese and stuffing, Bake until most and bubbling.

Sweet & Sour Chicken – Boneless chicken breast, smothered with a sweet & sour sauce with chunks of pineapple.

Smothered Baked Chicken – Boneless chicken breast smothered in a creamy mushroom sauce.

Chicken Stroganoff - Diced chicken in rich sour cream sauce served over egg noodles.

Stir Fried Chicken – Thin strips of chicken, peppers, mushroom, and garden vegetables.  Seasoned and served over rice.


Beef Entrees

Pot Roast & Gravy – Tops rounds of beef cooked until falling apart and smothered in rich brown gravy.

Old Fashioned Swiss Steak – Slow cooked in a beef & mushroom gravy.

Smothered Salisbury Steak – Salisbury steak smothered in a rich brown gray.

Meatballs (B.B.Q., Sweet & Sour, Swedish)

Beef Stir Fry – Tender strips of seasoned beef, onions and all colors of peppers.  Served over a bed of steamed rice.

Beef Tip & Noodles – Slow cooked beef simmered in rich brown gravy, served over egg noodles.

Italian Spaghetti & Meat Sauce – Red sauce with ground beef, served with spaghetti noodles.




Herb Roasted Pork Loin – Bacon wrapped slow roasted pork loin, tender and moist.

Pork Loin & Mushroom Gravy – Bacon wrapped slowly roasted in creamy mushroom gravy.

Honey Glazed Ham – Boneless ham glazed with honey, with a touch of spices.

Shredded Barbeque Pork – Shredded pork loin smothered in a rich sweet B.B.Q. sauce.

County Pork Roast – Slowly roasted with just the right seasoning.

Grill Pork Chop – Seasoned pork chop grilled to perfection.


From the Sea

$1.50 up charge per person



Ginger Honey Salmon – Salmon filet drizzled with honey and ginger, baked until moist and flakey.

Bacon Wrapped Salmon – Bacon wrapped salmon, served with a sweet B.B.Q. sauce.

Parmesan Baked Tilapia – Parmesan crusted baked to perfection.




Cheese Stuffed Pasta Shells – Jumbo Sea shell noodles, stuffed with an assortment of cheeses and seasoning.  Smothered with marinara sauce and topped with cheese.

Vegetarian Lasagna – Layered of Lasagna noodles, marinara sauce, cheese, summer squash, and zucchini squash, topped with melted cheese.








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